I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the training results and the quality of training that I have received from you at 2 Be Fit. I started with you in February 2007 and have been coming for two to three weekly sessions for one hour. Since February I have gained an average of one inch of muscle and lost nearly 3% of my body fat. Right now I am only .7% from my goal of less than 10% body fat. My cardiac conditioning has never been better and I am extremely happy with the appearance of my body.

The workouts, diet counseling, supplements and supplement information have been excellent. I have had trainers in the past, but never one of such high quality and able to push me to obtain such satisfactory results. 2 Be Fit is always clean and the equipment is of the highest quality. Your workouts are always varied and challenging however I have not experienced any major muscle soreness. This has always been a problem with previous trainers whose goal it seemed was to make me so sore that I could not walk. Thank you for ensuring that this does not occur with your training.

Thank you so much for your guidance, support and excellent training. I have learned many things from your training sessions that I will carry forward each time that I visit the gym.

Mike Hardy

Will Osredkar has been my personal trainer since June 2005. Will is the consummate professional who is always attentive to my fitness routine. He tailors exercises to ensure I receive maximum benefit from the workouts. He is patient and demonstrates techniques so that I learn correct procedures. He takes the time to explain how specific activities impact on body parts. He is very knowledgeable about various muscle/skeleton groups and how they interact with exercise. Will gives suggestions, varies my routine and conducts regular assessments to gauge my progress. He always keeps his promises and follows through on updating routines, finding the latest nutritional information and other interest items. He is always timely in keeping appointments and returning telephone calls. Will’s positive attitude and supportive demeanor have made it very easy for me to develop an enthusiastic and dedicated attitude toward a lifetime healthy fitness routine. Will played a key role in helping me reduce my weight by 45 pounds, lose several inches, reduce body fat and improve muscle strength and tone. Will is a fine business partner and a wonderful friend.

Patricia Kirk

I wanted to send you a quick note regarding our agreement for me to try to stay with Body of Change for 30 days, working with the new trainer you obtained for me, Will Osredkar. Honestly Marc, I was very skeptical after the nightmare I had just been through, but I have to say, working with Will has been a very positive situation. He is very professional, prompt, as he has never been late or missed even one of our sessions. He also seems to be very knowledgeable about his profession and is very driven towards customer satisfaction. I am very pleased I did stick with it because without him, I really think I would have left.

I hope you keep him and even get more trainers like him, as I am sure your business could increase measurably. Again, thank you, you said you would provide a great trainer and you did!

Vickie Overman

For the past three months, I have had Will Osredkar as my personal trainer. He has been very reliable & conscientious in his training. We have met three times a week and he has faithfully varied my workouts and has written all training in a notebook so I can use it for future sessions.

After three months, I am stronger and leaner and look forward to taking the information Will has given me to continue to increase my fitness level. Having someone to monitor your form, repetitions, and technique contributes greatly to gaining maximum workout benefit.

With great pleasure, I recommend Will as a personal trainer. His upbeat personality and knowledge keep workouts informative and fun.

Selley Wilcox

I recently made the commitment to get in shape and to lose those extra pounds that have been building since I had a baby in 2001. I had tried all the fad diets in the past, and maybe lost 10 pounds, but would always gain it back plus more! I enrolled in a gym, but found myself paying a monthly fee for something I was not even using. I thought that maybe all was lost, but then I found the personal trainers with Body of Change. I can tell you honestly, I thought I was getting suckered into another contract, and would end up dropping out, and paying for something I wasn’t even using. But that never happened!!

I started out slow in January of 2005 at the LA Fitness Center in Peoria, AZ with 6 sessions a month. I tried 3 different trainers to see whom I worked with best. My 3rd trainer was Will Osredkar (I hope I spelled that right), and was immediately impressed with the kindness and understanding that he gave me. He sat with me and listened to my concerns and goals, reviewed my eating habits, helped me understand the difference between good and bad foods, and when to eat these foods. Will Osredkar has become a support system for me, and is very consistent with asking how I am eating, and if I have any questions. He shown me how to work with almost every piece of equipment in the gym, including free weights, and how to use all of these properly without the risk of injury.

I am happy to report that even though my weight loss has been slow, I have lost 7 pounds and one pant size. I have noticed slimmer legs and arms, and can’t believe the difference in my stomach! I have recently upped my sessions to 3 times a week because I am so thrilled with the results. I owe it all to my trainer Will Osredkar, because without him, I don’t think I could of committed myself for this long.

Thank you Body of Change for employing courteous people, and for caring about the health and fitness of others. It is greatly appreciated.

Cristal King

Thank you for opportunity of being able to have Will Osredkar as my trainer at LA Fitness. Will has been very patient and understanding of me. He has always looked out for my best interest and has encouraged me throughout my training. I have more work to do to accomplish my goal. Through this I can see an end in sight because of Will’s dedication.

He has pushed me when I needed it and has backed off when he know I have my down days.

I hope that you value him as an employee and compensate him monetarily. I applaud his work and dedication.

Judy Baker

“Where there’s a Will there’s a way!”

After reading countless articles on how important strength training is especially as we age, I knew I needed to add it to my exercise routine.  I also knew that a Personal Trainer for me is the only way to go. I lack both the discipline to do it on my own and the knowledge of how to do it correctly.  A friend recommended Will so I signed up! Will made it easy and fun and also listened carefully to any special problems I had (my knees often ached.) Right away he put me on a routine that didn’t hurt my knees, yet strengthened muscles needed to support them. Will is a good motivator without being a “drill sergeant.”  After a short time, going to 2 sessions a week, I felt stronger and noticed my knees quit hurting. I also find myself staring in the mirror at the new definition in my arms. I’m proud of those muscles – but I really credit Will for making it happen. If you can get in on his “two for one” package and bring a friend along, I highly recommend it.  If not, sign up just yourself. Your body will thank you!


This is a story of a miracle… about Will and our son, Robbie. Robbie has autism, a mood disorder, epilepsy and is mentally handicapped. His diagnosis always spelled “overweight.” The medications to control his moods and all of his various issues made it impossible for us to keep his weight down. From the earliest age, Robbie had motor planning issues and hated exercise—no hate is too mild a word—detested exercise is more like it… AND THEN CAME WILL!

Will Osredkar entered our lives when we had basically given up on ever getting Robbie’s weight under control. He was 24 and had been diagnosed with epilepsy the year before. For a full year he had not done any of his “required 59 minutes” of treadmill a day and his new seizure medication now had him at an all time high of 250 pounds. We were in despair! The daily treadmill wasn’t getting the weight off fast enough, and we hoped we could maybe get him back to his regular overweight peak of 210. Then, my sister, Carol, called me and said she thinks her trainer, Will, goes to Robbie’s day program for another guy and maybe Will could help Robbie.

I spoke to Will on the phone. He told me he met Robbie and he would like to “give it a try.” I was not very optimistic—“He’s had other trainers, Will, Robbie doesn’t like to exercise, he won’t work with you, Robbie won’t do more than his required 59 minutes…” Will stopped me and said, “OK, but how about I give it a try?” My husband and I figured, “Well, we’ve tried everything else, what do we have to lose?”

Will was able to work with our son, Robbie, and help him lose over 50 pounds. Even though the doctors told us it wasn’t possible for Robbie to lose a great deal of weight, given the nature of Robbie’s medications, Will never gave up.  Will’s love of exercise and staying healthy managed to inspire, Robbie, too. To add to the miraculous weight loss, Robbie now loves working out and exercising with Will. If I schedule an appointment during “Will time” Robbie yells at me and says “Mom, I need to see Will at 1. We’re going to do some weights for my arms and I want to see Will.” And, Robbie even does EXTRA cardio time with Will.

When Robbie started to put a few pounds on a year ago, Will let us know something had changed. He was right. The portions at the group home had become “bigger.” We bought nutritional plates for the staff to help with portion sizes and we asked Will to come another time during the week, this time at Robbie’s group home. I told Will I didn’t think Robbie would work with him outside of his day program, but once again, Will said, “Let’s give it a try.”

Robbie is now 194 pounds down from 250. We can’t believe and neither can our doctors, friends, and family. Robbie is so proud, too. When people tell Robbie he looks great, he says: “Thanks, I work with Will—he can do anything.”

Thanks, Will! And, Robbie is right. Now we know you can do anything!


Will Osredkar does twice a week one hour total body training sessions for me in Phoenix.  I’m 65 years young but I have 2 fake hips and one fake knee.  So having a trainer who can push me but not break me is very important and hard to find.
We’ve only been working together for about 6 weeks and already I’m stronger, have more stamina and see big differences in my body configuration.  I can’t wait for it to warm up so I can wear sleeveless tops and show off the definition in my arms.
I love to hike and when I climb, I can really feel the difference.  Amazing that it could happen so fast.
Will is not only a great trainer, he’s a really great guy, to boot.  He keeps the sessions fun in spite of the rigor!  I recommend him to anyone of any fitness level.  He’s worked with young and old and he tailors the sessions to your needs.
Another very important thing with any scheduled appointment is reliability and punctuality. Will excels at both.
If you’d like to be a stronger, healthier, shapelier you by summer, contact Will and sign up.

“It is a testimony to your great training skills that I can willingly take a swimsuit photo.  First one in 65 years.  Thank you!” ~ Fran Flowers Haegele

“I took this picture after having just finished our training session last Friday. I cannot believe that this 65-year-old woman has this kind of muscle definition. As I told you before, you under value your contribution to your client’s health and well-being. In a nutshell, you don’t charge  enough for your services. Thank you for all the progress we made. And the best part is, we’ve had a lot of fun in the process.” ~ Fran Flowers Haegele